Bartlesville Civic Ballet is an organization that brings to mind thoughts of “tradition, legacy, and excellence.” As one of the longest-standing performing arts organizations in Bartlesville, we strive for a balance between nurturing the youngest of our community to appreciate dance, and providing professional-level performances that delight our viewing audience.

Christmastime brings our time-honored tradition of the Nutcracker. Our first performance of Act II was in 1971, with our first full-length production in 1975. We haven’t missed a single year, and we continue to update costumes, sets, and choreography to keep the tradition alive.

Last Spring, we said goodbye to Miss Charlotte Lyke, Artistic Director Emeritus, but her legacy will forever be entwined with Bartlesville Civic Ballet. In 1983, she introduced Bartlesville to Miss Soili Arvola and Mr. Leo Ahonen as guest artists for our Spring Performance. The relationship between BCB and Miss Arvola, along with her husband, Mr. Ahonen has grown through the years, such that we currently enjoy their choreography onstage, and Miss Arvola serves as Artistic Director, assisting us with everything from costumes to talent development.

Speaking of talent development, Katie Matney, our Co-Artistic Director and former student of Miss Lyke, works closely alongside Miss Arvola in creating the excellence that BCB brings to the stage each year. Countless hours of instruction in technique and rehearsals are the basis for every production, and we are rewarded with nothing less than our dancers’ personal bests when the curtain goes up. 

So whether you are a long-time supporter of the Bartlesville Civic Ballet or this is your first year contributing, please know that we are committed to our community and in keeping alive the “tradition, legacy, and excellence” that has always been a part of our organization.