Bartlesville Civic Ballet

Beginning in 1970, when founder Charlotte Lyke opened the first ballet studio in Washington County, Bartlesville Civic Ballet has presented academy-style technique classes to generations of children who were seeking artistic expression through dance and music. Today Bartlesville Civic Ballet can boast three generations among its students, with many grandparents and parents sending their children to be trained at the Academy as they were trained in their youth. Performances are widely attended by both local citizens and Oklahomans from throughout the state, as well as out-of-state visitors who travel exclusively to our region to see The Nutcracker Ballet each December at The Center in Bartlesville. Bartlesville Civic Ballet's unique choreography in The Nutcracker was created by Mr Leo Ahonen and the costumes were designed and hand-crafted by his wife, Soili Arvola, who also has served as Artistic Advisor for the annual production. Throughout the years, Bartlesville Civic Ballet has employed a variety of instructors who have introduced a level of talent development that allowed several students to obtain scholarships and stage work throughout the United States. This commitment to excellence continues today as the Academy welcomes a new Artistic Director and instructors who are certified in a variety of classical and contemporary methodologies.

Equal with the commitment to professional training levels is a commitment to character development and physical fitness, with curriculums that include learning social skills alongside physical technique to assure that students appreciate others while providing their own contribution to the Arts. Students are given instruction in the history of the dance arts, career vocabulary and stage skills, introductions to various styles of dance within conservative boundaries, and theatre ettiquette to prepare them for pursuing a career in dance or as a support for a lifetime of artistic expression and patron fellowship.

So whether you are a long-time supporter of the Bartlesville Civic Ballet or this is your first encounter with our organization, you and your family can be assured of excellence in teaching and beauty in production that will continue the traditions of our city's commitment to the Arts and that leaves a legacy for all future generations.