All classes are held at 110 East 2nd Street in downtown Bartlesville, Oklahoma (74003).

Our studio is equipped with a lobby, bathroom facility, changing area, and two adjoining studios that utilize the highest quality dancing floor construction and materials available to teaching facilities. We regularly update our studio environment to provide the best experience for our students. 

Office hours can be found under the contact tab. 

Covid Policy

During the 2019/2020 Covid crisis, the Academy implemented a policy of allowing only students, instructors, and office staff to enter and remain in the studio for extended amounts of time.  We will be continuing that policy indefintely. Parents/ guardians should walk younger students to the door to drop them off and stand outside the door to pick them up. Older students should enter and exit by themselves. Any person making payments for tuition or other cost are asked to use the online payment option on our Home page; if this is not possible, please limit the time you are in the studio while making a payment. Parents/ guardians and other associated with a student are strictly forbidden from sitting in the lobby while classes are underway. 

Class Schedule 

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The Academy follows the Bartlesville Public School System's calendar for all holidays. Available at www.bps-ok.org. 

You can hear the closures of schools on our local radio stations (KYFM 100.1 FM/ KRIG 104.9 FM/ KWON 1400AM) or by visiting their website at www.bartlesvilleradio.com

Annually, our classes for the August- December session and begin in the third or fourth week of August in the same week that Bartlesville Public School begins. They end the week before Christmas after our presentation of The Nutcracker Ballet. There is usually a break in mid-October for two days that coincides with the teachers' conferences at the school district. Classes will not be in session over Thanksgiving break. The January- May session begins in mid-January and runs through mid-May with a Spring Break scheduled in mid-March for one week. 

Days Off

Labor Day- First Monday in September 

Martin Luther King Jr Day- Third Monday in January

President's Day- Third week in February on a Monday

Parent/ Guardian Observation Days are held in May during the last week of the session. The dates will be announced by email directly to families. Due to on-going COVID issues, BCBA reserves the right to limit the number of people who can attend an observation or to cancel the observation days altogether. 

Class Descriptions


Foundations I (Ages 3-5)

Students are taught the fundamentals of ballet including basic foot and arm positions. Focus is placed on improving overall coordination, balance, and flexibility. Musicality is also introduced through simple counting and listening exercises.

Foundations II (Ages 5-7)

Students continue to expand upon the knowledge taught to them in Foundations I. The barre is utilized to help ensure proper body alignment. Improving coordination, balance, flexibility,strength, and musicality is still emphasized.

Level I (Ages 7-10)

Students are introduced to additional barre work and advance to using 5th position for most choreography. Strengthening exercises are incorporated to prepare studentsfor basic turns and leaps/jumps. Center and acrossthe floorsteps are taught individually to help students easily learn and master each movement.

Level II (Ages 10-12)

Students participate in pre-pointe exercisesto strengthen the feet and legsin preparation for pointe work. Basic body positions/directions are introduced. Center work is increased and comprised of the standard sections of a ballet class: adagio, pirouettes, petit allegro, grand allegro, and traveling turns.

Level III (Ages 12-13)

Students begin to execute simple combinations which incorporate the steps learned in class and in previous levels. Additional body positions and directions are taught and basic batterie is introduced in petit allegro. Pointe work consists of foot strengthening and flexibility exercises at the barre to encourage better stability and balance.

Level IV (Ages 13-14)

Students work on coordinating head, arm and leg movements simultaneously. Larger, more intricate jumps are introduced and students work toward mastering multiple turns. Pointe work includes barre exercises along with simple center exercises that help with strength and stamina.

Level V (Ages 14+)

Students are taught complex and advanced movements that train them to pick up choreography quickly. Focus is placed on movement quality, fluidity, muscle control, and cardiac endurance. Pointe work is comprised of a barre warm-up, center exercises and across the floor movements.

Pointe 4/5 (Ages 13+) *Students must have a min. of 1 yr. experience en pointe to enroll.*

Students complete a standard ballet class including barre, center, and across the floor movements. Increased releves, resistance training, and balance exercises are taught to help students improve leg strength, foot articulation, and stability in their pointe shoes.

Contemporary 4/5 (Ages 13+)

Students learn how to move their bodies in new and revolutionary ways; breaking from the traditional structure and classical lines of ballet. Class consists of a warm-up, floor work, traveling steps, and learning short choreography combinations. Students explore how to execute movements that include sudden changes in level, speed, and shape.

Jazz 2/3 (Ages 10-13)

Students are introduced to the fundamentals of jazz including body isolations, turns, leaps, and kicks. Focus is placed on proper posture, body alignment, and musicality. Basic steps are taught in the center or across the floor. Specific sub-styles taught include: Broadway Jazz, Commercial Jazz, and Jazz Funk.

Jazz 4/5 (Ages 13+)

Students build on the knowledge they learned in Jazz 2/3 and are taught increasingly difficult turns, leaps, and kicks. Combinations are quickened and lengthened in order to challenge students’ memory and stamina. Specific sub-styles taught include: Broadway Jazz, Commercial Jazz, and Jazz Funk.

Leaps & Turns 2/3 (Ages 10-13)

Students execute strengthening exercises specific to improving leaps and turns for all dance styles. Basic coordination and timing of a leap, ensuring proper leg/foot placement, and sharpening a student’s spot for turns are all elements addressed in class.

Leaps & Turns 4/5 (Ages 13+)

Students continue to expand upon the training techniques established in Leaps & Turns 2/3. Increasing jump height, number of turns, leg flexibility, and overall muscle control are all elements addressed in class.

Conditioning 2/3/4/5 (Ages 10+)

Students learn exercises that help to strengthen and engage the muscles used by dancers. These exercises are often taken from or inspired by yoga and Pilates. Special attention is placed on improving flexibility, breath control, stamina, coordination, balance, and core strength. Basic cardio and calisthenics are also included.


Class Placement

Age ranges are included in class descriptions so as to better ensure that students are appropriately placed based on technique and maturity level. However, these are used as general guidelines and all final placement decisions are up to the discretion of the Artistic Director. The criteria used to determine a student’s level consists of: technical ability, personal maturity and work ethic, attendance, safety, and class availability. The first two weeks of a semester will act as an evaluation period where instructors will observe students and determine whether a level change is required. Any changes made will first be approved by the Artistic Director. Once the two weeks have ended, all students will remain in the level they have been assigned to for the duration of the semester. This will provide consistency for both students and instructors, facilitating a better learning environment. Students will be reassessed at the end of each semester to determine if new class placements are needed for the following semester.


Students who take eight or more hours per week, are eligible for the Unlimited Price. This allows them to take any class within their assigned level AND classes that are below their assigned level. Enrollment is still required for any classes a student plans to attend.

Class Pricing

1 hr. = $50 per/month
1.5 hrs. = $75 per/month
2 hrs. = $90 per/month
2.5 hrs. = $105 per/month
3 hrs. = $120 per/month
3.5 hrs = $135 per/month
4 hrs. = $145 per/month
4.5 hrs. = $155 per/month
5 hrs. = $165 per/month
5.5 hrs. = $175 per/month
6 hrs. = $185 per/month
6.5 hrs. = $195 per/month
7 hrs. = $205 per/month
7.5 hrs. = $215 per/month
8 hrs. = $225 per/month
Unlimited Individual (8+ hrs. per/week) = $235
Each additional sibling = $200

Discounts *Multiple discounts cannot be combined*
Early Bird - Pay an entire semester in full and receive a 10% discount off the amount.
Family Fun - A 10% discount will be applied to the total amount billed for families with more than one child attending classes.


Payment/Refund Policy

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and can be paid in-person at the studio during regular office hours or online using the BCB website. If the 1st of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, tuition will be due on the first day that classes resume. Any tuition not paid by the 15th of the month will incur a $15.00 late fee.

When calculating the tuitions, holidays, and potential missed classes due to weather or other events beyond the Academy's control have been factored into the cost, therfore, when a class is not held sue to a holiday, weather, or other event, there is no credit or refund for tuition. In the event that a long-term situation should occur that closes the Academcy for an indefinite time period (such as COVID in 2020) provisions will be made to habdle tuition in a different form if classes are held online or if they are suspended. In the event this type of situation occurs, enrolled families will be notified by email of what the Board has decided. 

Class Withdrawal or Class Change: Impact on Tuition

If you should decide to withdraw a student from BCBA, you must give a minimum of 30 day notice in writing to the office with a date of the expected last attendance. Failure to give the proper notice will result in tuition continuing to be applied. There are no credits or refunds for previously paid tuition at the time of notice of withdrawal or for any classes not attended after notice of withdrawal but before the 3- days has expired. 

BCBA reserves the right to ask a student to withdraw from a class or to move a student to a different class at any time and for any reason that relates to the safety of the students or for the overall structure of the Academy to assure continued excellence in training. If a withdrawal or move should be necessary, the Artistic Director will contact the guardian of the student involved and explain the reason for the withdrawal or move and the impact on tuition.