Dancers ages 14+ who are currently taking a minimum of two ballet classes per week and have at least 2 years of pointe experience, have the opportunity to audition for the Bartlesville Civic Ballet Company. While it is not required, it is preferred that dancers also have experience in other styles including: jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, and tap.
The BCB Company is a pre-professional group that offers students the ability to challenge themselves beyond the classroom. Members of the company act as ambassadors for BCB by attending various events throughout the year to promote and highlight the academy. This may include helping with fundraising activities, giving presentations, and being spokespersons. Company members are also given additional performance opportunities which may include giving dancing at schools, senior living centers, local parks, festivals, or partnering with other non-profits to provide family-friendly entertainment.


Company auditions are held in January and occur simultaneously with the Spring Production auditions. Those interested in being part of the BCB company will need to indicate this on their audition form.